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r@wr!!! [01 Jan 2025|01:04am]

spam/anon/NUDES PLEASE!/guitar hero battle challenges!
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[21 Dec 2012|12:00am]
LOCATION: Key West, Fl.
text messages, voice messages, scene requests and ooc contact
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remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. [03 Nov 2009|12:22am]
i want to celebrate bonfire night, anyone know where i can get fireworks?
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[14 Sep 2009|02:14am]
''Jesus was cool with the powers and the healing and the forgiving the stupid people. I forgive you, stupid people....'' ~Pillz-E; Public Entry )
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[24 Jun 2009|01:40pm]

name: Alexia Davi Kenzington-Zamora
goes by: Lexi, Lex, Alexia
age & d.o.b: 17 & January 10, 1992
birthplace: Callington, Cornwall, UK
current residence: Your mum... or Key West.
occupation: Student & food court bitch.
grade incoming senior.
family: Davi Zamora (father; deceased), Emlyn Harris nee Kenzington (mother; 37), Corrine Harris (sister; 2), Josiah Harris (step father; 40).
sexual preference: Irrelevant.
aim sn: damn that alex

likes; guy sebastian, 50s, running, hard tackles, amy winehouse, broken guitar strings, tyra banks' forehead, life on mars (the original bbc series), guitar hero battles, greek mythology, dancing in the rain, history, Queen, All Blacks, English National Team, Alex Turner, Merlin, Jonas Armstrong, your mom.
dislikes; rock band guitars (they break rather quickly), cars, mtv's lack of music, vh1's love searches, slutty girls, drunks, the French, the Queen.
personality; everyone has their good and bad qualities but Alexia doesn't lump them into categories. her inability to be serious more times than not can be good or bad, her inability to censor herself can be both as well. one thing that can be definitely be lumped into a positive category is the fact that she is fiercely loyal, hard-working and willing to jump head first into anything life has to throw at her. on the negative side she does have a horrible temper and will not hesitate to punch someone in the throat.

''It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'' the quote had never rang truer than it had on the evening of January 10th, 1992. Emlyn had lost her husband just 3 weeks before and there she was, in a hospital room in Callington holding her newborn daughter. She hadn't thought of a name, her nursery wasn't ready and she was unsure if she'd even be returning to the home she and her deceased husband, Davi, shared in the short 11 months they were married. Her entire life was full of uncertainty and the only thing she was sure of was the fact that she wasn't in the right state of mind to look after the little girl with the big brown eyes gazing back up at her. Emelyn left the hospital the day after giving birth, her daughter stayed for two more days. Nameless, but not alone. Her grandmother Alexandra Kenzington finally named her, Alexia Davi ((pronounced dahvee) after her father) Kenzington-Zamora.

Her grandparents treated her as their own, though they were careful to make sure she remained in contact with her mother... even if it was having her come over a few times a week to hold Alexia, feed her, play with her when she was big enough to play but that didn't keep her from missing important milestones in Lexi's life. Five years of the little things parents are usually there for. First steps, first words, gassy smiles, first laugh, first time Alexia pushed someone into the mud at the playground, first day of school... none of those moments were hers and a part of her regretted that.

Growing up Lexi was the same as any child; curious, hyperactive, loved testing her boundaries and pushing buttons. She drew on walls, stuck things in sockets and laughed while her babysitters swore and attempted to pull them out without the inevitable electric shock. She enjoyed playing with the older kids in the neighbourhood and loved the fact that instead of being the one they picked on she was one of the biggest bullies there were, scoldings weren't a foreign concept to her and she learned to brush them off.

A week before Alexia's sixth birthday her mother announced her parents that she was finally in a position where she could take care of her daughter and she was taking her to live in Liverpool where she has landed a job as a teacher's aide at a primary school. The day her mother came by to get her Alexia sat in the living room and watched as her grandparents, completely defeated, gathered her things and packed them away in the boot of the car. No one bothered to explain why she wasn't going to be living with her Nana and Papa anymore, she just knew that her mother was coming to take her away and they were sad.

When Alexia began school it was pretty evident that she wasn't the brightest bulb of the bunch, she liked History and Physical Education but hated everything else so she didn't even bother trying and fell behind on quite a few of her classes which made the transition from Cornwall to Liverpool a little more difficult. While she would have loved to tell everyone she overcame her laziness it simply isn't true. She did just enough to pass her most classes with mediocre grades- History was the only exception because even at an early age (thanks to her grandparents' stories of their parents serving in World War 2) her love of Winston Churchill and the RAF shooting down Nazi planes.

Her mother began dating Key West-born Josiah Harris just after Alexia's 11th birthday. She didn't think much of the Yank who was taking her mother out on dates but she didn't have a problem with him either. Josiah was just someone Lexi expected to disappear after a while just like the others, but he never did. Even after he went back to the States he sent her birthday cards, called nightly and visited regularly. On one of his visits to the UK he asked Alexia how she would feel about having a dad, moving away and then asked her permission to marry her mother.

She was 15 when her Emlyn and Josiah finally married, with the marriage came the move to the States. It was something she had quite a bit of time to prepare for but it didn't make it any easier. She was leaving her friends behind, her house, her school, her grandparents... she hated summer and from what she heard Florida had one season.

Two years later she seems to be adjusting well enough, she still pushes her boundaries, annoys people and enjoys doing so and she's gearing up for a summer job at the food court in the mall and her final year of high school in the fall.

• Was born on January 10, 1992 in Callington, Cornwall, UK just 3 weeks after her father passed away.
• Is English and Portuguese.
• Is rather fond of the 50s, poodle skirts, hand jive... yes, she even wanted to be Sandy from Grease at one point but quickly got over that when she saw John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
• Her step father is the Math teacher at the local high school so missing a day of school just because "she doesn't feel like going" isn't exactly an option. She hates it sometimes but its one of those things she's slowly learning to deal with.
• Speaks Portuguese.
• Her grandmother is Jewish and while Alexia considers herself Jewish its not something most people know.
• Stereotypes can be fun; she loves Cornish pasties, proper football (and cringes every time its called soccer), hates the Queen, loves Queen, dislikes the French for reasons she doesn't understand, has a ridiculous accent which is virtually undecipherable when she's angry and speaking quickly.
• Her grandparents read to her a lot as a child, her favourite stories were the ones without a sliver of fiction in them and involved Nazis being shot down by the RAF.
• Works part time at the food court in the mall. She dresses up like a hot dogs when required to do so, wears sandwich boards and pretty much sets herself up for humiliation for a few bucks to put in her pocket.
• always has a digital camera on hand to capture the ''brilliance of ordinary moments.''
• Has two dogs Churchill (as in Winston Churchill) and Hadrian (Hadrian's Wall).

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